Restaurant Menu

Our restaurant menu

All of our food is handcooked to perfection

Classic Fish & Chips

Ripley’s Large Fish Specials

Large Fish (7-8oz) approx pre-cooked weight, skinless & boneless*
Choose from Cod fillet, Haddock fillet and Plaice fillet (some Plaice fillets may have skin on). 
All the products above are available in either batter, breadcrumbs or rice flour. Served with chips, peas or beans. - £8.50 

Regular Cod*

This prime cod slice is hand cut daily from mature Icelandic cod, skinned and boned by us in the traditional way. Our bestseller is served with chips, peas or beans. - £6.25

Mini Cod*

2 pieces of Cod goujons. This meal ideal for both pensioners or children, and served with chips, peas and beans. - £5.75

*Please note that whilst every effort has been made to remove them, some of our fish products may contain bones.

Ripley's Fish and Chips

Prime Cod Slice with Creamy Mash and Mushy Peas - £6.25
Chips - Regular: £2.50 / Large: £3.00
Chips & Cheese - £3.25
Chip Cob - £3.25

Fish Icon

Choose fish just how you like it...

  • Battered

    Our freshly prepared original recipe batter. Light, crisp and golden.

  • Poached

    Gently steamed in fresh lemon juice or milk for maximum enjoyment.

  • Floured

    Finely coated in rice flour and fried for an even lighter crisper fish.

  • Gluten-Free Batter

    If you're Coeliac or have a gluten intollerance then our delicious Gluten-Free batter will meet your dietary requirements. *Available Friday & Saturday Only (see below)

Gluten Free Icon

Gluten-Free Menu

available every Friday & Saturday from 12 to 7:30pm
We offer the following items gluten-free and they're priced exactly the same as our main gluten-containing options!

Regular Cod Slice
Jumbo Sausage
Thai Style Cod & Prawn Fishcake,
 served with served chippy chips and salad plus sweet chilli dip - £4.25

Family Value Chips Box
Battered Chicken Nuggets
(4 Portion) - £2.95
Battered Chicken Nuggets, 4 Portion served with salad and chips - £4.25

Hot Puddings

Chocolate or Strawberry Jam - £3.80


What we do best.
Our 'famous Fine Dine Meal' Hand cut Prime Cod Slice - cooked how you like it with chippy chips, side and bread & butter. - £6.25

Derby/Notts Gold Cold or Bus Pass Holder?
Don't miss 10% OFF this meal or FREE drink! PLUS - Don't miss our brilliant Double Discount Wednesday. Receive 20% off or FREE drink. 

Mighty Fish Supper
Large Cod fillet with Chips plus a side. Available to "Take-out or Tuck-In" every Monday from 4pm until finish.- £7.99

Light Lunch
Small Chips Served with Salad, and a choice of topping
Plain - £3.95
Cheese - £4.95
Tuna - £4.95
Hot Chicken - £4.95

Our Meal Deals

Ripley's Anniversary Special
To celebrate over 50 years of frying Fish & Chips!
Prime cod slice served with chips and mushy peas or beans. Choose between bread and butter or tea or coffee. Includes a choice of hot pudding. - £8.50

Get more for your money with a saver meal!

2 sausages, chips, side and a drink - £4.99
2 fishcakes, chips, side and a drink - £4.99
Cheesy Chips and drink - £3.99
Chip Cob and a drink - £3.99

Go Large Every Monday

with our 'Mighty Monday' Fish Supper Deal:
Large Cod Filler + Large Portion Chips + Any Large Side
For a small price of £7.99!

Available every Monday 4pm until Finish

Chips not your thing?

All our meals are available with Creamy Mash, just ask!

Vegetarian Icon

Vegetarian Options

2 Cheese and Onion Fryits - £4.50
Veggie Bake - £4.50
- £4.50
Veggie Burger
- Just Burger: £3.25 | Meal: £4.95
Veggie Cheese - Just Burger: £3.65 | Meal: 4.95

Plain Jacket Potato - £4.25
with Cheese  +£1.25
with Coleslaw  +£1.25
with Beans  +£1.25
with Tuna Mayo  +£1.25


All burgers come with salad and choice of the following sauces: tomato relish, burger sauce, mayo, garlic mayo, sweet chilli, BBQ.

1/4lb Burger - Just Burger: £2.50 | Meal: £4.75

Cheese - Just Burger: £2.95 | Meal: £5.25
Double Cheese - Just Burger: £3.95 | Meal: 6.25

Veggie - Just Burger: £2.95 | Meal: £5.25
Veggie Cheese - Just Burger: £3.45 | Meal: £5.75

Chicken - Just Burger: £3.65 | Meal: £5.95
Hot n Spicy Chicken - Just Burger: £3.65 | Meal: £5.95

Cod - Just Burger: £4.95 | Meal: £7.25

Pies & Meat

Pukka-Pies Special
Any Pie with regular chips or mash and gravy plus a choice of peas or beans. - £5.95
Pukka Pie served with creamy mash, with mushy peas and gravy. - £4.95
2 Sausages Plain or Battered - Served with regular chips. - 3.95
2 Sausages and Creamy Mash - Served with regular chips, mushy peas and  gravy - £3.95
Chicken Half with Gravy - Served with regular chips - £7.50
Mini Breast Chicken Fillets - Served with salad and chips plus a choice of dips - £4.95


Chips - Regular: £2.50 | Large: £3.00
Chips & Cheese - £3.25
Chip Cob - £3.25
Creamy Mash - £2.75
Peas - £1
Curry or Gravy - £1
Beans - £1

Ripley's Kids Menu

All children's meals are served with chips or smiley faces and Captain's drink (blackcurrant fruit shoot or apple juice) - £4.50
Cod Bites, 2 prime pieces of cod in golden batter.
Captains fish fingers in crispy breadcrumbs.
Chunky Chicken Chunks (3 juicy chicken dippers)
Sizzlin’ Sausage (plain or battered).
Vegetarian Option (choice of beans or peas).
5 Smiley Faces - £1.75
Childs Chips - £1.75
Childs Chips with a choice of dip - Peas, Beans, Gravy or Curry £2.50
Kids Sausage, Mash and Beans - £2.95
Ripley's Kids Fish and Chips Icon


Choice of traditional hot puddings, all items available with custard or cream. - £3.10
Choose from:
Spotted Dick
Strawberry Jam

Hot Drinks

Pot of Tea - £1.65
Cup of Coffee - £1.70
Mug of Coffee - £2.10
Cappuccino - £2.10
Latte - £2.10
Mocha - £2.10
Americano - £2.10
Hot Chocolate - £2.15

Cold Drinks

Orange Juice - £1.25
Apple Juice - £1.25
Fruit Shoots - £1.00
Bottled Water - £1.25
Glass of Milk - £1.10
Child Slush - £1.60
Regular Slush - £2.00
Cans (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Tango, Orange, Apple, Cherry Tango Citrus, 7up, Shandy) - £1.20
Bottles (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Dr Pepper) - £1.70
Small Children Bottles (Cola, Orange, Lemonade, Dandylion& Burdock) - £1.00


Kids Milkshake - £1.25
Thick Shake, 
with dairy ice cream - £2.50
- with topping
- £2.95